Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Start of Our Journey

Super Lu here, guest blogger and reporter extrodinaire. I'll have all the news that is news from China (well at least the most important news about David's adoption!) 

The flights over were uneventful but long! We flew from Atlanta to Seoul and stayed overnight at the transit hotel. Nice to get some rest although Bobby woke up after 4 hours of sleep (which was around 12:30 am local time and did not go back to sleep. Thank goodness for iPads!)

We then flew from Seoul to Guangzhou and had a small delay after boarding due to air traffic but then we were off. Quite a bit of turbulence on that flight but we landed safely in Guangzhou, got our luggage and met up with our guide Lucia. We had a van waiting for us and after a ride of constantly switching lanes we arrived at our destination, The Garden Hotel! 

Wasn't it nice of the Garden to remind us not to drink the water? Look what they did have in the mini bar!

Everyone was fairly wiped out after our journey and so lunch was from the bakery downstairs and dinner was room service and yummy! Bedtime came early for all! 

We all got up and headed down to experience this trip's first breakfast buffet. The line was very long and so the concierge came over and led about 5 families up to the executive lounge for breakfast. It was on the 30th floor. Great food and what a view! We are being sure to stay hydrated!

We headed out to get some snacks and drinks. Aeon Department store is just down the street so we headed there. We had hoped to shop on several different floors, but after a long wait for the elevator and people shoving it full and the. The next only allowing 1 person on, we decided to just stay on the 1st floor which was grocery. On the way in we did get to see Mickey Mouse. We stocked up enough for a few days as we are going to the grocery store after Tuesday's appointments. There is quite the selection of noodles here, but zero air conditioning in Aeon from what we could feel! 

The afternoon was spent resting and hanging out. We skipped lunch and opted for snacking as all bellies were full from the huge breakfast. We also had enough of the heat after Aeon and decided to eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel called Lei Wan which was a traditional Cantonese style restaurant. We had some scrumptious noodles and amazing fried rice.

Today is the day we head to civil affairs to get David. Our appointment is at 2:30. We started today with breakfast in the main dining room. What a spread once again!
That is all the news for now! I will be updating as news occurs. Stay tuned!

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  1. Ok that view is gorgeous! Though the one looking down I actually felt dizzy ha ha! Super Lu has the coolest clothes and a CAMERA!! Photog Super Lu! I had noodles yesterday in honour of you! They were 25p a pack so um... I'm sure they were the best kind lol. They sure didn't look as nice as the ones you have! I didn't use chopsticks though. I don't have any and I spill enough with a fork lol! Can't wait to hear more about David! Bobby looks like he is doing brilliantly!! Such a good boy!