Monday, September 17, 2012

Breaking news.....

Breaking news from Star Command...... An update from Little B's caretakers states that the villianous Duchene appears to currently only have a slow effect on Little B's muscle strength. He has remained stable during the last 6 months. He is currently still ambulatory and can climb stairs independently albeit it at a much slower pace than his fellow orphans. New pictures seen by Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister show a happy Little B showing a "V" for victory sign. Arriving in the mail today was the coveted USCIS notice of Approval. So the forward march continues. More recruits will be needed as the team marches onward. Little B's first super hero figure Buzz only has 18 more pieces until it is complete and then Captain America will begin. So join Little B's Super Hero Team and help keep the villianous Duchene in slow motion. Click on the Super Hero Fundraiser tab and help finish building Buzz and by doing so joining this courageous group of Super Heroes as they march forward to complete their recue mission.  Star Command out...

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well it's been a tough week here at Star Command Central. The villianous Duchene seems to have sent forces here that have stretched Forever Mama's emotions and resolve to their limits. But today is a new day! While sadness and questions remain, Forever Mama is moving forward. NO forces will stop the forward progress of Little B's rescue mission. The sooner he is here with his Forever Family the better. So here is a re-cap of the mission status.
The Rescue Mission File has officially been handed over to WACAP's China Program Team. This team sent in the preliminary application to the US Custom and Immigration Services and Forever Mama received the biometrics appointment letter. Forever Mama was advised to walk-in instead of waiting the 3 weeks until the set appointment time. Walk in was attempted and that initial step of the mission was completed! Now the wait begins for the governmental cogs to turn and send out the USCIS approval for Little B's Rescue Mission.
Forever Mama sent in the packet of contracts, 2 passport size photos(no smiling allowed , so very scary!) and the first round of mission payments. So, the paperwork part of the mission for Forever Mama is complete! All Dossier Paperwork has been sent To WACAP and they will complete the authentication mission after USCIS approval is received.  The only Mission requirements left to send in are the rest of the mission payments (of which there are many!)
So now the waiting game ensues. Will Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister have the patience to wait? Just how long will the USCIS Mission approval take? When can the authentication mission begin? Stay tuned to this Star Command Channel for further bulletins.