Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home study.....

     3rd and final home study visit is done!!! All forms have been completed and turned in!! We reviewed the draft of my HS report and I am pleased to say that I am being recommended to adopt a child from China! My wonderful Social Worker June is hoping to have the final HS report done ASAP and sent into Families First where their HS co-ordinator will go over it and then it will be sent to WACAP and myself to proof read.
     So next step is USCIS. I have already sent the 1-800A form and check to WACAP. They will send it to USCIS when they receive the finalized homestudy report. So now the wait begins to get my biometrics appointment.
    I have also been steadily working on sending in all the required forms and paperwork for our Dossier. I am having to wait an extra week for my certified copy of my Birth Certificate as the county office I sent the request to did not have a legible copy and had to send off to the state (Illinois) office to get one. (Of course I have 3 copies of my certified BC, but must have one that was done within 6 months of the Dossier being sent) I had sent in my Police clearance form, but the police department did not do an appropriate notarization, so I will have to redo it. I also have to get a certfied/notarized copy (within the 6 month guideline- the one I have is from 1999) of my divorce decree. I have the guardian form to send in as of today :) and I am trying to come up with 6 photos that reflect our family life (it is harder than you think!) All the other paperwork due is not in my hands (1-797c-USCIS approval, 3 notarized reference letters(these were done for the home study, but not notarized so will be sent back out for notary) and the final notarized home study report) Once WACAP gets all of these, they will get authentications and compile the Dossier and then send it off. Not sure on our timeline, but it can't move quick enough!
    I will be starting a fundraiser soon for those who would like to help bring our little guy home. I will be selling puzzle pieces in order to build his "Circle of Friends" puzzle (Disney themed of course!! :) So please stay tuned!
   I will also be braving the IKEA maze again either tomorrow or Friday, so pray for me!! I hope I don't get lost in there, although those swedish meatballs at their food court sure looked good!
    So now it is onward we go! Thanks for coming along with us on our journey to add this precious child to our family. I look forward to the time I can share his full picture with everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surviving IKEA

Today I decided to get the rest of the furniture for our new little one's bedroom. We have the bed (if they send the missing parts). It is a Toy Story bed with a new twin size Original Mattress Factory mattress (they are SO comfy!). His walls went from Princess Pink to Star Command Blue with 1 accent wall of Sonic Boom Green. Anyway, we went to IKEA. I had looked online and thought I knew what I wanted. Have you been to IKEA???!!! It is huge and overwhelming! It is the store that never ends! We did not finish there as I had to get Tay to the dentist, but I did write down what I THINK I want. I will look online to do further research before I go tackle the IKEA maze again!
   Tomorrow is our last home study visit and we hope to review the draft. Tay has to go back to the dentist so Papa will take her there as I go to the home visit (which is at our SW house) Hopefully all will go well and the final report will be proofed soon after!
   Be sure to see my Camp Walk 'n Roll video, it might give you insight as to why I am so drawn to our new little one :) I have done this camp since 1980, only missing a couple of years.
    This next video is for those who are concerned with the plight of the orphan. I do not want to overload anyone with orphan info all the time. I know that we all support different causes and fortunately, my friends, that is what makes the world go around! For those of you so inclined feel free to watch my 2nd advocacy video. These are the children who have been waiting the longest. Many since the inception of Reece's Rainbow. If you know someone who is considering adoption, please share this video with them.
     Hopefully tomorrow I will have an update about the final home study visit and then it is on to bigger and better things!

Camp Walk 'N Roll 2012