Monday, August 24, 2015

Last Full Day

Super Lu back again with a delayed report. So much packing and last minute shopping left little time for reporting the last couple of days before returning back to the US!

Wednesday brought a totally free day. No appointments or paperwork to collect, just packing and getting ready to leave on Thursday for the first leg of the journey back home. Since both boys had shown signs of being tired yesterday, it was agreed that it would be a restful day inside today in order to help make the next 2 travel days hopefully go well. So this reporter headed out with Beth for one more jaunt to Aeon while Emily stayed back with the boys.

The heat amd humidity was bad again today as was the air quality once again(several days in the early morning hours the rating has been in the unhealthy range. With the heat and humidity it is hard on the lungs!) After picking up the last few things to take home(a couple of extra fidget toys, nice chopsticks for the boys, some Pleaseant Goat bowls, little plastic school boxes with a puzzle of China on them, and another package of White Rabbot Candy and Garden salad Pretz for big sister Taylor) it was back out in the heat to go back to the hotel. Here are a few random pictures along the way.

                Cinderella makes a showing in China at Aeon in the women's clothes department
                         Always traffic. Today it was heavier on the opposite side of the road.
                                                           Public bikes for rent!
In China they park everywhere often blocking the limited curb cuts they have and often on the sidewalk itself!
                          Seems most deliveries are made by bike or motor scooter. What a load to balance!
Most of the sidewalks had this strip on them. They are to help those with vision impairments get around and navigate the sidewalks safely.
Many of the overpasses and elevated edestrain walkways were covere in plants to help beautify the city.
The Chinese version of a wheelchair ramp. Almost all we came across were very steeo angles. This one was short but the longer ones where very dangerous to go up and down with very steep angles.
                                                     Yep Toni & Guy is in China too!
                                                                  So many apartments!

                   The stores are on street level (very small shops) and apartments are above.
                                                                The Garden Hotel

                   We enjoyed some of the bakery/deli delights several times during our trip!

  Last dinner in China was room service. The sweet corn fried rice was out of this world!
                                                 Bobby enjoyed some very spicy fried rice!
                                   David opted for the chicken and sweet corn fried rice
                                                      Our view from one window
                                                             A view from another room

David kept saying "Tomorrow, America!" for most of the evening. Once the boys were in bed, Beth repacked and reshuffled things to even out the weight of the suitcases. Then it was off to bed for one last sleep in China. In the morning, it will be time to leave and make the trek to the airport for the flight to Seoul. So for now, this is Super Lu signing off!

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