Sunday, August 16, 2015

Luck of the Irish?

Super Lu here again with all the news that is news. Today started out with Bobby staking claim to the "dancing corner" in the elevator on the way to breakfast.

After another yummy breakfast at the wonderful buffet, the crew headed out with 2 other families for a day of shopping. First stop was an embroidery shop, which did not thrill either David or Bobby!

Next stop was a pearl shop. Each of the boys got a necklace to give to their bride if they should get married. They also picked out a gift for their sister, Taylor. The necklaces are made in front of you and each pearl is knotted off.

After the Pearl store it was off to Shaiman Island. Since the White Swan Hotel has reopened, the island has seen a huge increase in locals going to the island. A stop in one shop brought success and silk outfits for the boys (and a new outfit for this super reporter!) I also got to visit with one of my friends Ginni.

Hunger struck after making the purchases, so it was off to Lucy's for lunch. The boys enjoyed noodles and beef while the adults had fried chicken and grilled cheese. 

After eating the crew headed out for a stroll around the island and of course some pictures with all the statues!

The heat and humidity was brutal today so all of the families were glad to hop back on the bus and get back to the air conditioned hotel! A bit of down time was just the ticket! Dinner tonight was at the Irish Pub. Yep those are nachos that were very tasty from the Paddy Field menu!

Tomorrow brings an early morning Consulate appointment and then a trip to the Safari Park. Until then, this is Super Lu signing off!

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