Sunday, July 26, 2015

So Close to Crossing the Ocean! What an Awesome Week We Just Had!

So it was 3 weeks out from our travel date to China. The full house renovations continue, packing non essential items at the current house started and much of the China trip baggage packed. So while more packing and new home decision making needed to be done, I left it all behind and headed to pick Bobby up from MDA camp. From there we headed to the Reece's Rainbow Reunion at Jellystone Park in Luray, Virginia. While I knew there was much to still be done (and I had originally thought David would be here attending with us) I knew the importance of attending this wonderful gathering. Adoption process stress is real and so to leave it behind for a week to spend with other RR families was just the ticket I needed! These families have BTDT and get it. We spent the week surrounded by families made through adoptions and with some great advocates as well. Everyone accepts everyone for who they are, understands the issues our children face and are all a part of this huge family called Reece's Rainbow.

Over the course of the week, over 80 families gathered together. Making new friends was a daily occurence. Swimming and the water park were a hit in the heat. Gatherings in the evenings included a potluck supper, several s'mores around the campfire and just a lot of gathering together to be with new friends. It was truly amazing to see so many kids flourishing in families. It was also such a a great feeling to know that we were accepted by all. How awesome to feel safe, secure, accepted, loved and not alone!

Bobby had a great time with a couple of the free craft activities offered.

His very favorite activity this time was gem mining. We visited mining 3 times! The last time we got the bucket and Bobby declared he "Hit the jackpot!"

Bobby and many of the kids loved swimming and playing at the splash park. I loved seeing all the kids swimming and interacting and just being kids, orphans no more!

Bobby loved hanging out with his good friends and making new ones each night. I loved it too. Even just sitting back and taking in the immenseness of the gathering. So many kids who could still be living in an orphange or adult mental asylum(due to aging out of the baby house in some countries). To watch them roasting marshmallows, eating s'mores, playing and running around with such joy. To see those who were lost now found with loving families and accepting friends was such a renewal of my spirit. We get a small taste of it every 6 months when we visit Cincinnati for Bobby's medical appointments, but it pales in comparison to this reunion.

How many days until our next reunion? Missing everyone and that reunion spirit!

Thanks to Auntie for arranging all of this!

You may have noticed Super Lu in some of the pictures. Here she is with Bobby as he shows her his treasures from gem mining and then shares his Lego. Be on the lookout for her as a guest blogger as we get ready to head to China!

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