Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Visit

Super Lu back with another update! Today was the day to visit the orphanage. The day began with an early breakfast at the wonderful buffet and then the crew hopped into the van to make the 2 hour drive.
The visit to the orphanage was awesome. We saw so many kids and David showed everyone his classroom and introduced several of his friends. Many of the staff also remembered Bobby and kept yelling out greetings to him! 

We were served a wonderful lunch where the Then and Now photo album was presented to the staff. 36 kids were represented in the book. The staff really enjoyed seeing the pictures and many remembered every single child. Both Bobby and David played around with the staff. It was very evident that these staff members care about both boys!

The staff was also kind enough to load a flash drive with earlier pictures of both David and Bobby. It was a wonderful visit and meeting several waiting children made it more so. It is hard to leave knowing that those kids do not have families yet, but we will now just have to work that much harder to help their families find them. Once you meet these children they go from being just a profile to a true living, breathing child. Time to pull up our big girl panties and help them be seen! So for now, this is a very changed Super Lu signing off!

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