Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shopping, Chilling and Visa

Super Lu here once again with the daily report. Today everyone slept in after such a draining day yesterday. The crew had a wonderful breakfast at the buffet once again. Bobby enjoyed some Dragon fruit and David downed his usual noodles and lots of meat!
After breakfast they headed out to the garden area for some pictures and fish feeding. David has quite the arm and liked to make the fish move for their food!
The boys stopped for a picture inside. Note the sign by the fountain.
It was then off to Aeon for a bit of shopping. This reporter had a bit of a problem with the humidity today!
This time the crew was able to get an elevator up to the second floor so the boys could check out the toys! They had some cute kids clothes!
After the boys each picked out a small toy, it was back downstairs to the supermarket. They decided to pass on the Durian fruit with its very fragrant stench reminiscent of rotting garbage!
With provisions in hand it was off to H&M which happens to be one of big sister Taylor's favorite stores. It was nice and cool inside!
There seems to be as many Starbucks here in Guangzhou as there are in Atlanta! This one is open 24 hours!
Last stop before going back to the hotel was at the bakery to get Bobby the moon cakes he has been begging for all week.
As we were crossing the lobby at the hotel, we ran into our new friends. So fun to be able to share part of this journey with new friends!
The rest of the day was spent with a lunch of noodles in the room, chilling out with music, toys and iPads. At 5:30 our guide, Lucia brought by David's Visa, the brown envelope for immigration and The Hague certificate. That means that all paperwork, appointments....everything is complete and the crew can start the journey home on Thursday. The crew enjoyed dinner at Lei Wan again and then headed back to the room.  
Shhh, This is the secret stash of the crew's newest addiction. They have plenty to bring back!
This reporter has to share the fabulous new outfit acquired at Aeon today. Maybe after I complete a couple more adventures, I can return and join the Baird family on their Disney Cruise in April. Wouldn't this outfit be just perfect for that?
Tomorrow is the last full day in China. It is a day with no plans except for packing and making sure everyone is as rested as possible for the long journey home. Until tomorrow, this is Super Lu signing off!

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