Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Special Day

Super Lu here with another update. Today was a day to sleep in a bit. Once again there was a line for breakfast, so we were ushered over to the elevators and sent up to the 30th floor. Another delightful breakfast!

After breakfast the crew headed out to the Friendship Store. It is right across the street from the hotel, but to get to it you have to go out the side of the hotel, under the main road and up a hill. Not an easy feat when one is pushing a wheelchair! The 4th floor grocery store had many international brands. On the way back we stopped to see the Zoo Coffee Giraffe.

Luckily the rain held off until all were back in the hotel room. It was a dreary day and the air quality was tough on the crew today.

Today was also a special day for David. He turned 12 years old today! The hotel sent up a cake that was very yummy!

After the birthday celebration, it was off for a cruise on the Pearl River. It was a dinner cruise and there were some interesting dishes!

Yes that is a chicken head!

Once the darkness fell the sights became colorful lights. The boys enjoyed standing out on the front deck of the 2nd floor.

Another little one from RR was with us on the cruise. So nice to see her! We will be shopping with them again tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings some shopping and hopefully some traditional picture opportunities. So until then, this is Super Lu signing off!

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