Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time flies (well really I am just a lousy blogger!)

Sorry so long in between updates. I try to update on FB and forget to write a new post here. We have been crazy busy since the last post. First we have a new vehicle as my 2006 Chevy Uplander decided to have some transmission issues a week before we were to go to Cincinnati for Bobby's medical appointments. So within a week I had to find, finance, purchase and pick up a wheelchair accessible van. As luck would have it they had one locally in Bobby's favorite! I picked it up the day before we left to drive up to Ohio.

We left for Bobby's medical appointments a day early because there was a chance of snow here and since Atlanta shutsdown when it snows, I wanted to be out of here before it hit. We left as soon as Bobby got home from school and drove until almost the Tennessee/Kentucky line before it started getting dark so we stopped for the night. We woke up to this....

And so we waited until around lucnch time when the sun had come out and the roads were treated to leave. The roads were great for a while and then we passed through some heavy snow, and ice and freezing rain. At the top of one mountain it was breathtaking as the freezing rain had coated the trees and the snow was so white and deep and the roads were... very slick and scary! Bobby did start singing Let it Go from Frozen as that is what he thought it looked like! We had great visits with our friends in Ohio. Bobby had a blast playing Minecraft with his friends and getting to spend time with them. I enjoyed an adult only outing to IKEA and to girls night out dinner!  We also did our usual mini reunion of the 3 kids who grew up together in China and this time did get to celebrate Chinese New Year together! We had some very interesting Chinese candy and some were braver than others in the ones they would try!

In March we did a couple of Shamrock events for MDA and the Muscle Walk. We always enjoy getting together with the MDA sponsors and MDA families.

Also in March we were finally DTC for David!!! My dossier was finally sent on 3/9/2015 and was logged in (LID) on 3/17/2015. Nice Saint Patrick's day surprise!

 Bobby's class had a wedding for Q and U and Bobby was an "Introducer" and had to wear his finest clothes. So he did....

Our friends from Ohio also went to China to pick up their son Pat (who also grew up with Bobby and David so our mini reunion will be bigger next time!) and took David some stickers from us to share with his friends. They also gave him some pictures we sent.

In April we visited Taylor at her college. We enjoyed going to the teaching zoo and we all went to Busch Gardens. Bobby was brave enough this time to ride the kiddie rides by himself!

Bobby also had 2 weeks of wearing casts for serial casting. The second set were very uncomfortable but we were able to get him a little past 90 degree flexion in his ankles so it was better than we had hoped for!

The house renovations are coming along slowly but surely. We hit a few snags and the sunroom had to be rebuilt, but that turned out to provide another opportunity to make the flow better for the house and allowed us to have a door that will provide almost immediate access to the ramp outside from the boys bedroom should there be an emergency. The roof goes up next week and once we pass inspection for the electrical and plumbing that has been installed the dry wall will go in. The kitchen cabinets are due to be installed in 2 weeks and the vertical lift is in place and they were installing the doors on the shaft yesterday. It will still be a while before we can move, but progress is being made!

As of today we are on day 50 of the LOA(Letter of Acceptance) wait. The average lately has been 45 to 50 days, so looks like our wait will be longer than average. I would love to hear something tomorrow or Monday as that would be a sweet Mother's Day gift!(but I am not holding my breath)

School is about over for the year here and so our summer travels will begin. We will be heading back to Ohio to visit our friends and help out after their youngest has heart surgery. I am sad to be missing the PPMD conference this year, but with the house renovations, MDA camp and the RR reunion in July and hopefully travel to China either end of July or August, I knew we needed to miss it this year. We need to work in time to go visit Taylor as her program contintues through the summer. The students help run the zoo and the animals never take a break so neither do the students!

I hope to do an update on David's wall soon as their are still numbers available!

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