Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another step forward!

Yesterday, I received 1800 approval to adopt David! There are still a few more steps to accomplish so I am still not certain of the exact dates we will travel. It could be as early as mid July or could be in August. I am betting it will be August which means we may be in China for either Bobby's 9th birthday or David's 12th birthday. My hope is that he is with me before his 12th birthday so that we can celebrate his birthday together!

Since we are getting so close I would love to wrap up David's Disney Wall of Distinguished Character as I would like to have the list of names up for him to see when he first arrives home, just as Bobby did. We are about half way done with our chart and so many wonderful Disney Characters have been revealed. If you would like to add your name to David's wall all it takes is a $5 donation to my FSP with Reece's Rainbow. The donation button is on the side of this blog. Once you have donated let me know by commenting on my FB page post or here. The most current chart showing available numbers will be on my FB page. Your message or comment should tell me the number(s) you want revealed and name(s) you would like on the wall. I will post which character is hiding behind that number. Who will you get?? Here are the numbers still available..

Can't wait for this handsome guy to join our family!

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