Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home Study Visit #2

       Sorry I didn't get to update this yesterday, but it was a busy day. I went to my doctor to get the 2 medical reports filled out (China has a specific one and the home study has a different one) From there I went to get my fingerprints taken for the GBI (yes, I have already had them taken for the FBI, but I guess they can't share?!) Then it was on to our Central office to get a letter of verification of employment. I then had to go back to the doctor because while I remembered to get the 2 reports filled out, I did not remember to get the printed copy of the drug screening. Then it was on to the 911 call center records to request a log of 911 calls from our house for the last 5 years. Yeesh!
      As I am leaving the police building, Tay calls and her friend has an extra ticket to the One Direction concert. (My ear still hurts from Tay's screaming over this!) So I drove them to The Arena at Gwinnett and her friend's mother and I went and ate at Chili's and went to the Lego Store and then went back to pick them up. Well, of course the concert did not start on time, so we waited. I was so glad to NOT be inside. We could hear the music from outside and when the security cracked the door to update all the parents, the screaming from inside was insane! I felt for the parents who were inside!. When they came out at the end, the parents were all rubbing their ears.
      So, the home visit on Monday went great. The house looked good and smelled good as I baked some cookies :) We toured the house and then went over a couple of forms and then she reviewed my background and experiences from birth. She was here for 3 hours! Our next visit should be July 28th and she hopes to have my home study draft to review. So we are almost done with this phase! Next phase is paperwork for Customs and Immigration and more forms for our Dossier for China.
      Still no timeline, but things are moving right along. Tay and I leave on Saturday to spend a week at Camp Walk 'N Roll. So, I guess next on my list is packing for MDA camp!

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