Thursday, August 23, 2012

The bed that almost wasn't.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far, away… (Oops! Wrong story!) This is the story of the bed that almost wasn’t. Here in present day, a little boy waits for his forever family, on the other side of the ocean, far, far away (see, I still got that in there!) His forever family is staying busy during the long, long waiting time between lovely governmental forms and a fourth set of fingerprints. The forever family has decided to get a room ready for this little boy who waits far across the ocean. Hmmm, Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister decide on just the perfect theme, a super galactic Toy Story room (Oh, come on! Those of you who really know me knew that something Disney HAD to be coming!) So let the designing begin.

Forever Mama was trying to find a bed that was “just right” (oops! Another wrong story!) Anyway, Forever Mama found a marvelous Toy Story bed that was reminiscent of the current bed that the little boy far across the ocean slept in every night. Forever Mama hoped that this perfect bed would help the little boy feel more comfortable and not so scared when he came across the ocean and slept in his new forever home. So, Forever Mama ordered the bed.

Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister decided on the new colors of this super galactic Toy Story room ( after all it could NOT remain  Princess Pink!) So 3 walls were painted star command blue and one wall was painted sonic boom green. It was a perfect match for the perfect bed that was coming!

The perfect bed arrived! Well, sort of… Forever Mama excitedly tore open the box and saw the awesome headboard and the picturesque footboard. The looked perfect for the room; but…where were the bed rails and guards? Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister decided that there must be another box coming, so no worries! Well, no box came, so Forever Mama sweetly called the company and explained the problem. The ultra-sweet customer service representative said that she would call the vendor and have the rails shipped out immediately! Forever Mama was so happy! Hmmm…… 2 weeks, no box. So, Forever Mama calls the company again and Mr. debonair customer service man says that he will take of that right away! And sure enough a few days later a box arrives! Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister look at the box and it looks just the same as the first box, but surely this one had the bed rails! Nope!!! It was another awesome headboard and picturesque footboard!! Well this was a bit problematic. So…Forever Mama calls the company again, but this time  gives the customer service rep a more thorough definition of the problem (Forever mama was not so happy this time) This time the more subdued customer service representative said she would call Forever Mama back as soon as she spoke to a living person at the vendor. The subdued rep did call back and explained that now the vendor was out of stock and that the company would be refunding Forever Mama the full price of the bed and shipping and that Forever Mama and Forever Sister could keep both headboards and footboards. Her suggestion was to use the refunded money to find a nice carpenter man to build the rest of the bed (??!! Which of course would never match the perfect laminated colors of the awesome headboard and picturesque footboard) So it looked like this would be the perfect bed that wasn’t.

But wait! Don’t underestimate Forever Mama. You see all she could think of was the little boy waiting across the ocean far, far away (see got it in again!)  and that his new room in his forever home just had to be perfect. So Forever Mama went surfing (no, not across the ocean, on the web!) She found the company that actually manufactured the bed. Surely they would have the bed rails and guards!  A very helpful customer representative answered Forever Mama’s call. She could not find the information on her computer so she said that she would call Forever Mama back (here we go again!) Well, she did call back in just a few minutes with a plethora of information. The bed is sold as a kit. It comes in 2 boxes and they do not sell either box on its own. She suggested that Forever Mama call the vendor and tell them that they had another box in their warehouse for this bed (yeah, like that vendor is going to actually look?) The representative asked if Forever Mama had received the directions and parts pages for the bed and when told no she did email the booklet to Forever Mama. So again it looked like the perfect bed that wasn’t.

Well, Forever Mama was not ready to give up yet. That little boy was very important, so more surfing. Hmm, the Cars version of this bed did have just a bed rails set on sale on amazon. Forever Mama contemplated putting black bed rails on the blue bed, but then it wouldn’t be the perfect bed. Hmmm, Forever Mama searched amazon for Toy story bed rails and no luck (boo! hiss!) Wait, how about blue bed rails? Eureka!!! Amazon had 1 set of blue bed rails (“that go with the Toy Story headboard and footboard set”) So Forever Mama ordered it and hoped that it was what they needed. Finally the box arrived. Forever Sister noted that the box was different from the other boxes and the manufacturer was the same. They opened the box and….. it was the perfect bed and guard rails, bed slats and hardware for the perfect Toy Story bed!!!

So, Forever Mama put the bed together very easily (Yeah, right!) and the result was the perfect Toy Story bed for the little boy who waits on the other side of the ocean, far, far away! This perfect bed is low enough to allow him to be independent in getting in and out of bed even as the vilianous Duchene slowly takes away his strength, that is why Forever Mama fought so hard to get this perfect bed!