Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Step at a Time!

So I paid the 2nd half of the home study fee. Hopefully the notarized final report will be on it's way to WACAP tomorrow. In turn, I hope that WACAP has a speedy turn around and sends one copy of the final homestudy and my I-800 application and sizable check (yikes!) off to US Customs and Immigration. so as a recap, we have finished the following steps:
Inquiry about Little B- done
Received Little B's file- done
Sent in completed agency application- done
BMI waiver paperwork completed- done
Additional information requested from country and info sent- done
Waiver granted- done
Little B put on hold for us with agency- done
Pre-Approval paperwork- done
Pre-approval granted- done
Homestudy agency secured and $900 paid- done
FBI prints done and fee paid- done
GBI fingerprints done and fee paid- done
Local police clearance- done (only after I took my own notary and cried at the police station due to their not wanting to complete the form correctly)
Adoption training courses completed ($179)- done
Homestudy completed and second $900 paid- done
1-800 USCIS application and $805 check sent to USCIS- this is our current step
USCIS biometrics appointment notice received- next step
USCIS appointment completed- future step
USCIS approval received- future step
Dossier complete- future step
Dossier sent to country- future step
LID- Dossier received and logged in country-future step
LOA- Letter of Acceptance/Approval recived- Future step
TA- Travel Appointment- future step
CA- Consulate Appointment- future step
Gotcha day- Future step

I still have the entire agency fee to pay to WACAP. Because Little B is part of their Journey of Hope program, WACAP has waived the $275 application fee and $500 child deposit fee. I have applied for a $4200 grant from WACAP that Little is eligible for. My dad is also checking into transfering his Marriott rewards points to me and that may cover most or all of our in country lodging. Airline tickets will also be costly, but how costly depends on the time of year we are given for our TA and CA.
Between Agancy fees, CCWA fees, Visa's orphanage "donation", and other in country paperwork expenses, I figure the total still owed is a little over $17,000. If I, infact, get the $4200 grant then the total is $12,800. Then airline tickets will be on top of that. Hoping that the Marriott points come through or else that cost will also need to be added. Then food costs will also need to be added for an approximately 2 week stay.

All of this at times seems insurmountable, so I will just take it One Step at a Time. Thanks for folowing along on this journey. The end result will be worth the wait, the "ransom" and the anxiety.

Please remember to check out our Super Hero Fundraiser and if so led, consider joining Little B's Super Hero Team. We have a rescue mission to complete and can use all the Supoer Heroes that we can get! Thanks!

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