Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do you remember your childhood dream of being a Super Hero? What super powers did you want to have? Well guess what?! You can still grow up to be a Super Hero! Your super powers could help save a child! Little B needs your help! He just turned 6 years old and has lived in an orphanage in Asia since he was 2 months old. He is diagnosed with Progressive Muscular Dystrophy (most likely Duchenne.) Every day the evil villain Duchenne eats away at Little B’s strength. Can your superpowers save him? Your super thinking powers tell you that this boy cannot survive long term without medical care and therapies. Your super strength reminds you that Little B’s strength is weakening every day. Your lightning speed reminds you that Little B can move fairly quickly now, but is slowly losing speed day by day. I know that you would love to use your flying super power to go over and just scoop him up and bring him home, but the villainous paperwork process stands in the way. However, do not despair! You can help and be Little B’s super hero! Help us build a Super Hero (or 2) for Little B. We are starting with Buzz Lightyear as that is Little B’s new bedroom theme. Buzz is made of Lego and has 211 pieces. Your donation can help build Buzz. When we finish Buzz, we will build Captain America! So here is how it works, your donation will add piece(s) of Lego to our super hero build and you become part of Little B’s Super Hero wall. I have a booklet that lists each piece and where it goes. You name will be listed next to the piece(s) you sponsor. Little B will forever know the names of all of the Super Heroes that helped bring him home. You are welcome to sponsor as many pieces as you wish.

Here are the sponsorship levels:

$5= 1 Lego Piece

$10= 3 Lego pieces

$15= 5 Lego pieces

$20= 8 Lego pieces

$25= 10 Lego pieces

$50= 25 Lego pieces

$75= 40 Lego pieces

$100= 75 Lego pieces
To become one of Little B's Super Heroes, donate to our RR donate button (even Super Heroes can use a tax deduction!) After you donate, please leave me a comment as to your number of sponsored pieces and the names you want in the oficial Super Hero Book! Also, let me know if you do not want your comment published. Thank you in advance to all the Super Heroes among us!

To become a Super Hero please click on the silouhette of the little boy under Reeces' Rainbow Family Service plan. That will take you to our fund and you can click the donate button.

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