Monday, August 27, 2012

Just who are the member of Little B's Super Hero team?
Check them out!

Super Commander Joni is able to craft her way past the villainous naysayers and has the heart of a warrior, so do not stand in the way of her completing her mission!

The Chocolate Avenger also joins the squad.  Don’t let her sweet exterior fool you. She is persistent, will not take “No” for an answer, is able to stand up to Social Workers and International Governments alike and can down a gallon of sweet tea in one gulp! The “L” government has been forewarned, she can and will leap orphanage gates in a single bound to bring her sweet Eli!!!!! home. She is a formidable force on this team and will help ensure the success of our Super Hero Little B Rescue Mission.

Casey the Boy Wonder brings youth and boyish charm to the team. He has been trying to defeat the villainous Duchene for many years. He stays true to his course and knows one day that he will help defeat the villainous Muscular Dystrophy gang.

Wonder Mom Renee brings extra experience to the team. She too has fought the villainous Duchene and his many villainous Muscular Dystrophy mutants. Do not be fooled by her small framed exterior and beauty. Inside beats the heart of a defender of the weak and protector of those being attacked by this villainous gang. Do not mess with this Wonder mom or you will face the wrath of the mother bear protecting her cubs.

Team ONeil  joins the mission! With red and black pulsing through her veins, Bulldawg Mama can negotiate governmental bureaucracy and find fraud with the stroke of a pen and the click of the mouse. She has many frequent flyer miles on Baird airlines. She brings along 2 young members to the Super Hero squad. Wonder Girl Addison brings great creativity to the team (you should see the gingerbread houses she creates!) Running Robbie brings boyish exuberance and an unlimited supply of energy. Wonder Dad Rob has the ability to wrangle kids and critters. When Bulldawg Mama has to travel for her work related missions, the house remains standing and the kids are fed and well cared for. The villainous Duchene had better beware of Team ONeil. Their tenacity will help our Super Hero Team complete our mission.   

Super Scholar Jocelyn also joins our mission. This soon to be teacher of the greatest commands respect as she supports other's.  Little B is grateful to have her join the team!

Camp Director Extraordinaire Extreme(Hailey) adds punch to the team. She can single handedly organize a rag tag group of volunteers and produce a camp of extraordinary proportions. Little B is lucky to have this Super Hero join his team. Forever Mama has known of this one's super powers for a long time :)

So are you the next Super Hero? What are the talents and powers you will bring to this team?
Click on the Super Hero tab at the top of this blog to join in this Resue Mission. Help us save Little B and bring him home to the super galactic Muscular Dystrophy clinic so that we can slow the villianous Duchene's progression on Little B.
 Remember that we are building a Super Hero Buzz and he still needs pieces. The members of Little B's Super Hero team thank you for your support and hope you will join them in this mission! To infinity and beyond!

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