Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go! Go! Go!

And we are a Go!!!! That's right Super Heroes, Star Command has received confirmation of the US Consulate Appointment that will provide and satisfy the last requirement in order to complete our mission. Forever Mama has procured the tickets for the winged transportation from ATL to HK for herself and Forever Big Sister. Tickets are also secured for Forever Mama, Forever Big Sister AND Little B for the mission completion flight back to ATL!
  That Consulate Appointment is on 3/25/13 which means that Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister will forever have Little B on 3/18/13! Mission completion is scheduled as the wheels touch down on 3/28/13 at 7:40 pm.
   The party really commences now! It is not too late to join Little B's Super Hero Team. Many boxes remain unfilled for mission completions. Feel free to join the Bash
   Thank you for all of those who have helped get the mission this far. We are almost there. It is really happening!!! Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister leave on 3/17 on the journey of a lifetime to complete Little B's mission.

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