Monday, November 5, 2012

Next phase...

Forever Mama has received confirmation that the mission paperwork has been logged in (10/23/12). So Mission status check LID is a go! The next phase of the mission is the waiting game. This phase could last 2 to 4 months before LOA/LSC(Letter of Acceptance/Letter Seeking Confirmation) is procurred. The wait will be long, but we must remain strong!
 During this waiting phase, Little B's ransom will need to be raised. The interplanetary specialists at Little B's Galactic Gift Auction have put together a variety of items to meet your holiday gift giving needs. Donations of other items to this auction by other interplanetary entreprenuers are welcome!!/events/227424724055676/
The Super Hero Fundraiser also continues. The Build Buzz mission is complete, but the Captain America build is still in process. Spiderman waits in the wings, so please feel free to join the Super Hero Build and join Little B's team. Just click on the Super Hero Fundraiser tab.
Until the next update, Star Command out!

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