Saturday, September 28, 2013

Playing catch-up 6 months home!

So, I am a terrible blogger. I have not taken the time to finish our trip report nor to update about Bobby. So much has happened in the 6 months since Bobby came home. He went to Kindergarten for 6 weeks. We went on a long trip for camping/reunion in Virginia and a Duchenne conference in Baltimore and my mom passed away while we were gone. We came home in time for Bobby and Taylor to go to Camp Walk n Roll and then Taylor was off to 2 weeks of band camp. She returned and we had my mom's memorial service. Bobby started 1st grade. We saw Dr Phan and others at the MDA clinic in Atlanta. We were guest patient for 2 lectures at Emory. We traveled for a week to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for more initial evaluations and then to Gainesville, Florida for an imaging study. So I have posted the 6 month update report I am sending to Bobby's orphanage to catch everyone up on where we are. I can't believe it has been six months! I hope to finish the trip report and to post further on our trip to Cincinnati, but it may be a while as we are off to see the Mouse next week!

So here is the 6 month update report. Enjoy!

Hi! It is hard to believe that it has been 6 months since Bobby (Bao Guan Xiong) joined out family! He has transitioned well and is such a joy! I can tell that he had been loved and well cared for before he came to me. He loved his airplane flight home, although he did find the second flight a bit long!

Bobby finished the last 6 weeks of the last school year in a Kindergarten class and loved it. He had a wonderful teacher and teacher’s assistant and made several new friends.

Bobby had a busy summer. We started with a camping trip and met many other adoptive families. Bobby loved swimming, mini golf, the jumping pad, wagon rides, boat rides, eating s’mores and the bubble party.


This summer Bobby was also able to go to Camp Walk ‘N Roll which is a camp for children with Muscular Dystrophy. His sister Taylor went with him as his counselor. He had a great week meeting other kids who also have muscular dystrophy and participating in all the camp activities. He rode a horse, went down the pool slide, fished, did archery, played in a treehouse, built wooden crafts and many more fun activities. He had so much fun and cannot wait to go again next year.


Bobby also enjoyed playing in his backyard this summer. He also loved being inside building a lot of Lego creations.

Bobby also got to see Mrs. Tyler from the Sunshine Academy again as we met her for lunch. He was very happy to see her.

Bobby started First grade this year and has the same first grade teacher his big sister had when she was in first grade! He has made some new friends and loves school!

I took Bobby to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in order to see the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Specialists and his visits went well. Bobby was able to be seen by a neurologist, nutritionist, physical and occupational therapists, cardiologist, and pulmonologist. He also had a bone scan which gave him great results. While Cincinnati was a long drive for us, it did allow us to meet 2 other adoptive families who we had become friends with on the internet.

The first family had adopted a little boy from Lithuania. Bobby loved going to the zoo and the park with them. He hopes to be able to play again on our next visit.

 The second family was the Lanz family who had adopted Bao Sha Mei and Bao Xin Qing. The kids seemed to remember each other and were so excited to see each other again. It will be nice to be able to get Bobby and the girls together a couple of times each year when we return for Bobby’s appointments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Today marked exactly 6 months since Bobby landed in the USA. We celebrated by going to an event where he could see, touch and sit in all kinds of trucks and vehicles. He loved sitting in the fire truck, helicopter and Bobcat digger the best.

We will be visiting Walt Disney World next week and look forward to sharing pictures of Bobby meeting Mickey Mouse!

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