Friday, November 1, 2013


This precious little girl is very special to me. This is the first child that I wrote the profile for on Reece's Rainbow and I had the privilege of choosing her RR name. At the beginning of May, I named this little one Shari after my mom. My mom passed away just a few weeks later at the end of June. So when it came time for the Angel Tree Fundraiser for Reece's Rainbow, there was no doubt in my mind that I would participate and that I would ask to be Shari's warrior. I was thrilled when I received the confirmation that I was assigned as her Angel Tree Warrior!
So here is the deal, the goal of Angel Tree is for each warrior to raise $1,000 for their Angel Tree child. That is a lot of money and is a bit intimidating, but I know that it can be accomplished. This $1,000 can help offset some of the costs involved in international adoption. Maybe, just maybe it will help her find a family quicker.
The one thing I know is that I cannot fail this little girl. To me she represent my mother, who I miss dearly everyday. I am doing this in her honor, just as I named little Shari after her, the most important and influential woman in my life.
 Little Shari has potential, she just needs a chance. My friends, you have the opportunity to help this child be seen and possibly find a family quicker just by donating. Help me meet her Angel Tree goal and help me honor my mother at the same time. I know that Shari Baird is watching over little Shari at this very moment. Won't you join S.O.S (Supporters of Shari)? Click on her picture at the side of this blog and scroll until you find her name and picture. You can purchase an ornament with Shari's picture on it for $35 or just donate whatever amount you can. I have been saving change for a couple of months and sold a few craft items at the Atlanta Buddy Walk to start her off. Can you join S.O.S. by giving up that cup of coffee (or anything else?) and donate that amount to get us moving toward our goal? No amount is too small or too big.
Since this is also the first Christmas that I cannot give an earthly gift to my mom, I will honor her memory and donate to her RR namesake. I know that this will make her happy as she watches over my family and little Shari from up above.

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