Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Series of Short Letters

So I have not been able to keep up and blog the rest of our trip, but I will! We have been so busy with dental, medical, school events and dealing with insurance issues. Today a break from the trip posts for a series of short letters on Mother's Day.

Letter 1
Dear Birthmom,
     Although you are not a part of my life, you chose adoption and gave me life and I thank you. The parents you chose to adopt me are the best. I have been loved, cared for, spoiled, supported in my endeavors and comforted in my sorrows. I have been given every opportunity to grow up and be a successful, productive member of society.
    I know that you were very young when I was born and that you chose the best for me. I have been very happy as I grew up and as I have moved through adulthood. I was blessed to be able to find a job doing what I loved, teaching young special needs children. I worked for 26 and a half years and now retire to take care of my son, who's birthmother also chose life for him.
    I hope that you now have a family of your own and have had many happy mother's day celebrations. I was lucky to grow under your heart and in the heart of my mom. Thank you again for making the decision you did. I have been blessed.

Wishing you a happy Mother's Day,
Beth Baird
(Baby Girl Laurie)

Letter 2
My Dearest Mom,
   While today is a day to celebrate you, I also mourn not being able to talk and confide in you as I did for most of my life. It is so hard to watch this insipid disease take it's toll on you. I watch as the articulate, intelligent woman I love so much, loses those skills and it breaks my heart. You asked me to promise to pull the plug if the time ever came, but I can't keep that promise. Eventhough I know that this is not the way you would want to live, with Alzheimers there is no plug to pull. So I pray nightly that God comforts you and that you are not anxious or overly confused about your surroundings. I pray that he provides you a sense of peace and security.
   I don't get over to see you as much as I like and have not seen you since before I went to China and I am very sorry for that, but I have thought about and prayed for you daily. You now have a grandson. He points to the family picture we had taken in Dewitt and names Lao Ye, Mommy, Taylor and then when he points to you he says "She is Bobby's." I know one day that you will know him. I know that when you are gone , you will watch over him and you will meet him when his disease takes it's final toll. Until then he will know about his wonderful "Ema" and how much she would have loved spending time with him.
   So happy Mother's Day mom. Thank you for making me your chosen baby and for the life you gave me. I love you more than words can say.

Letter 3
Dear Forever Mamas that I met in China,
   Can you believe we have our kids home? What a glorious day to be a mother! I want to thank those I was able to share this journey with. Some of you we were with the whole time in China. Others came for the second week. Some we saw only at the appointments or at breakfast or dinner.
    We all became connected during our time in country. That smile or nod in passing was almost our secret handshake. I feel so priveledged to have been able to witness all of the new families that came together while I was there. I am glad that others shared our journey with us. All of you are forevermore a part of our families life story.
    So from this Forever Mama to you, I wish you the happiest of Mother's Day. May your days be blessed with all the memorable experiences that accompany this adoption journey. May you have the strength to weather the bad along with the good. Thank you for sharing in our journey with Bobby.

Letter 4
Dear Super Hero Team and all those who supported and prayed for us along our journey,
   I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made today possible. I have 2 kids now! My son no longer sits in an orphanage. He can celebrate this mother's day with his Forever Mama. He looks at his Super Hero wall every night. He loves to be tucked in and be kissed goodnight.  His crying out in his sleep has diminished greatly. He knows he is loved.
   So whether you are male or female you to are celbrated in our day. All of you played a huge part in making sure our mission was completed. You too are forevermore a part of our family. Bobby knows that he is loved by many and that so many people helped to bring him to America. So a big happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Letter 5
Dear Little ones that I left behind,
   I think of you today and grieve that you do not know a mama's love. Your faces are burned into my brain. I knew that visiting Bobby's orphanage would be tough, but once I saw all of you my life changed forever. I will be advocating my heart out for you and for all the other orphans available for adoption in China and around the world. Even though you are in a good orphanage, it is not a family. Every child deserves to have a family. I thought I might be too old or too fat to go through raising another child, but now I know I am not. It will not be easy, but the worthwhile things in life rarely are.
   I wish for all of you comfort and peace. I hope that a family will see you and know that you are their child. I hope that many families go back to add more children to their families, so that all children can experiences the love of a family.
   Since being home, I was so excited to learn that Bobby's classmate and dorm-mate has a mama coming for him! Bobby is so excited for him too. There are many of us who are shouting for you and hopefully your families will find you soon!
So keep your hope up!
Love and blessings,
Beth (Guan Xiong's mama)

Letter 6
Dear RR Moms and advocates,
 Happy Mother's Day! I have enjoyed following your journeys and then embarking on my own. I am so thankful for a group of people who understand the ups and downs of the process and journey. I have cried and laughed as I have read your blogs. I have been uplifted many times by your words and support. I am in awe as I watch the tireless efforts by so many who advocate for these least of the least. I am honored to be a part of such a great group. So even for those who may not have sons or daughters, in advocating you actually do. The kids you advocate for become a part of you and you a part of them. Bobby has little pieces of many people in his heart as many advocated for our journey.
   An enourmous thank you  and happy Mother's Day to Andrea who started Reeces' Rainbow. So many kids would not have families had she not started this organization. Also a happy Mother's Day to all that are RR moms, supporters and advocates! Thank you and keep on shouting for these kiddos!

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  1. All your letters are poignant and so loving.....I am happy to see you with such a sweet boy and Bobby with such a wonderful family!