Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The wait continues. Forever Mama filled out another mound of paperwork so that once LSC is received, the next step can move forward. Star command did find out that the mission paperwork is out of Translation and in process as of 11/7/12. This does not actually mean much as far as the timeline goes. Some have received LSC in as little as 5 days after moving to in progress others have taken up to 3 months. Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister are hoping for much less than 3 months!

As the holidays approach, waiting becomes harder. On their very last mommy/daughter only Disney trip over Thanksgiving, Forever Mama and Forever Big sister kept thinking and saying "Do you think Little B will like this?", " Mom, can I ride this one with Little B next time?" And the temptation to buy oh so many Disney clothes "But mom, it will look so cute on Little B" and "Mom, he needs this so we can match!" as well as "Taylor, can't you see Little B wearing this?" Yes, we did buy a few things, but that will be for another post :)

On sunday, Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister went to Young Chefs Academy for our traditional gingerbread house making session. Little B, Reece's Rainbow and waiting was the theme this year.
And so the house says it all. This Christmas Forever Mama and Forever Big Sister are waiting for Little B. All Forever Mama wants for Christmas is to receive LSC and to be one step closer to bringing Little B home. Until then, we love and wait for one special little boy who is waiting too on the other side of the ocean.

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