Friday, December 14, 2012


12/14/12 a day of devastation. Forever Mama started the day by shopping the sales for clothes for Little B and then ran a few errands. All was happy. New clothes for an empty closet. Then Forever Mama turned on the TV and the computer. The world crashed around her. As a teacher, Forever Mama saw her worst nightmare unfold on TV. Tears began to flow. As the updates occured, a Kindergarten teacher and classroom? Forever Mama's heart broke even further. A majority of Forever Mama's teaching career has involved Kindergarten students. Why? How? Disbelief...20 precious innocent children gone as well as 6 of the teachers/staff from the school. Soon after Forever Big Sister arrived home from high school, safe and sound and Forever Mama could breathe a little easier.

Surely no more bad news after that? Wrong! Forever Mama read that across the ocean, in the country where Little B lives, 22 primary school children were injured in a knife attack this morning. Forever Mama melted into tears again. This time Forever Mama won't see someone come through the door to safety, as Little B still waits at his orphanage(where at this point he is safe).

So tonight Forever Mama will give Forever Big Sister a big hug(even if she thinks she is too old for that at 16) and hopes that you will hug all of your children extra tight tonight. Forever Mamas arms are aching even more to hold Little B and her heart breaks just a little bit more at the thought of waiting a few months longer.

Forever Mama sends prayers for all of those involved in both of these tragedies today.


  1. Yes, horrific day indeed. Praying that God keeps His hands of protection on our little ones there, and comforts those affected in these tragedies. Very, very sad.

  2. Never been so happy to get a hug at the end of the school day. Everything is in perspective now and each blessing being counted down to the smallest detail - I just wish it doesn't have to come after such a horrible time so for so many.