Thursday, June 25, 2015

We have TA!

Received the call today that I have TA (Travel Approval) for David! The agency has sent in the request for our CA(Consulate Appointment) and once that is confirmed then travel plans can be finalized.

While it might be possible to travel by mid to late July, I have decided it is still best to wait and do August travel. Having an extra adult being able to go at that time will really help with getting around with 2 boys espeially if Bobby needs to use his wheelchair alot! Also travel in August means that Bobby can go to MDA Summer Camp which is a very special time.

I am able to check off of our list Chinese Visa for Bobby and I as they were delivered yesterday! I also now have a very lightweight transport/travel chair to take with us for Bobby since the adapted stroller is very heavy and most likely too long for some of the elevators in country. Packing has also started. I have 2 suitcases out for China along with 1 suicase for our trip to see Taylor next week, 1 suitcase for Bobby at MDA camp and 1 suitcase for our camping trip for the RR reunion. Looks like I will have to do laundry at the campground for Bobby so he has some clothes to wear as most of his will  have been packed and worn for MDA camp!

We are so close now! Soon these 2 will be back together, this time as brothers!

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