Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tears in China

Forever Mama has been through so many emotions this week. Unfortunately tonight sorrow and loss has crept in. Through a FB message she learned of the passing of another member of the Muscular Dystrophy family. The diseases that make up the neuromuscular diseases of muscular dystrophy are varied, but all are evil. Forever Mama is reminded tonight just how devastating this villainous group of diseases are. Dakota was a vibrant, intelligent, independent young woman and this villainous disease took her too soon. With the rescue part of this mission complete and the first steps of the return part of the mission taken, the loss of one of Little B's Super Hero Team hits hard. Forever Mama knows that Dakota will now join the mission from the other side and watch over this new little family as they complete the mission here in China and take to the skies to journey home. So Rest in Peace, my Super Hero friend. One day we will be reunited on the other side.

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