Friday, October 17, 2014

Moving right along!

Been a while, but it has been a busy time. My daughter Taylor is off to college and loves it!

 Bobby and I went on a Disney cruise and then to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom afterwards.

I have also been busy with the last of the paperwork and fingerprints for my Home Study. Today I was sent the draft of the Home Study and it is finished with the exception of one clearance form. Hopefully that will come in the next few days and then once my placing agency approves it, I can move on to the next step in the process for David, I800a approval. Hoping we can keep this rolling along as Bobby is NOT patiently waiting. I have explained the steps and that we have to wait for someone to say "OK" before we can go to the next step. He keeps asking why so many people have to say "OK" before we can go get David. He keeps saying "Too many okays. I go get him and bring him home and you say OK! We go now!"

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