Sunday, June 24, 2012


Tomorrow is our second home study visit. This time it is at my house. Uh oh! My house has looked like "Hoarders Buried Alive" for a long time! But thanks to getting new flooring, Tay and I culled out, reorganized and now it is better. The major problem in the house was all the dust and ick from getting every room in the house re-floored! How in the world would I get all that cleaned up in time, finish paperwork, and put the remaining junk away in just 3 days?! Thank you Molly Maids. They came in Friday on a last minute plea for help. The house shines! Kudos also to my dear co-worker and friend, Paula, who came out twice and helped me reorganize, get rid of junk and clean the garage. What a lifesaver! Thanks also to Debby and Melissa for our Archivers get together today. Just the diversion we needed to hold back the nervousness! Hoping to post a positive post tomorrow evening about our 2nd home study visit!

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